British teacher used hidden camera to spy on female students

British teacher used hidden camera to spy on female students

Paul Hwang, who has taught and studied at Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard, kept the camera in the house that he had rented out to the six women, Daily Mail reported Saturday.
He teaching at Birmingham's University College when he installed the camera.

The device was discovered in October last year by a tenant when she noticed that an Air Wicks freshener appeared to be "swinging from side to side" from a gap in the wall.
She also noticed later that day that the freshener directed at the shower cubicle was missing.

Birmingham Crown Court was told that when the freshener re-appeared a few days later, the woman took it apart and she was "shocked and disgusted" to discover the digital camera connected to a battery inside.

Police arrested him and searched his bedroom where they found smoke alarms rigged with radio transmitters as well as two more spy cameras and cable equipment.
Judge Roderick Henderson handed Hwang a three-year community order and placed him on the sex offenders' register.

"It is not surprising to hear that the victim of these offences was shocked and disgusted, and very frightened that images would be saved, might be passed on to other people or put on the internet.

"The most simple way to commit these offences is to creep up on people in the woods or look through their window, but these offences were a significant level above that as you were in a position of trust," Judge Henderson was quoted as saying.