Namma Niagara waterfalls will start in Lalbagh by January

Namma Niagara waterfalls will start in Lalbagh by January

Namma Niagara waterfalls will start in Lalbagh by January

The Namma Niagara falls at Lalbagh botanical garden will  be opened soon. Work on it is almost done, and this much-awaited replica of the Niagara waterfalls between Canada and the United States will hopefully be a reality by January 15, 2018.

The work on the waterfall was begun in July 2017, with the intention of increasing the quality of stagnant water in the famous Lotus lake.

The waterfall will create motion in the water, and while the construction of the waterfall using the natural rock quarry near the Lotus lake will also serve an aesthetic purpose, the main intention is to better the quality of water.

About Rs 1.8 crore has allocated for the project.  The 'Niagara effect' will be created by pumping water from the big lake to the small lake. The two lakes are separated by a rock structure, and a 250 horsepower motor will be used to pump water over the structure. The water will be pumped across a width of 120 feet and the water will fall from a height of 25 feet.This will give it a likeness of  the original Niagara falls.

The project will help in preventing dust from getting accumulated on the lake bed. This will help the air quality in the area get better and will cause a drop in a temperature. 

"Once there is circulation of water, the oxygen content in water will shoot up. As a result, the decaying of water plants will be stopped and its good for the water species," said  Chandrashekar, deputy director of horticulture, Lalbagh gardens.

The rain and groundwater from the surrounding areas of Lalbagh contribute to the 30-acre lake. Usually, the lake is cleaned manually and weeds are removed periodically. Now, with the introduction of the waterfall, manual cleaning need not be carried out.

Lalbagh Garden authorities and Bangaloreans are still curious about how this project will turn up. Interestingly, Namma Niagara is going to be the top most attraction of Lalbagh garden.