Citizens protest against Shivananda flyover

Citizens protest against Shivananda flyover

Similar to steel flyover beda campaign, another silent campaign against the construction of Shivananda Circle flyover was organised against the construction of flyover at Kumara Park on Saturday.

The residents living near the circle along with some volunteers who are working for the same cause came out in protest against the construction of the flyover.

Dr. Nalini Krishnan, long time resident of the area said "I've been here 61 years, if the government doesn't know how to make this city better, the least they could do is not make it worse with such unnecessary flyovers. We can't sit quietly when such terrible projects are thrust upon us when there is no need."

"We do not support the project which creates more harm than help. They are spending about Rs 50 crore on the project which is of no use. We believe building flyovers is not the solution to ease the traffic problem but creating efficient public transportation system is," said Srinivas Alavilli of Citizens for Bengaluru organisation.

The protesters have decided to meet the area corporator to discuss the issue next week.