Medication can rid Mandya from seizure of epilepsy: psychiatrist

Epilepsy or 'seizure disorder' is the fourth most common neurological disorder among human beings and there are 4,970 persons suffering from the disease in the district.

A person suffers seizures when the nerve cell activity in the brain is disturbed and becomes abnormal. Epilepsy is usually treated by medication and in some cases by surgery or through dietary changes. As children suffering from epileptic seizures do not have control over their body, parents are advised to be very cautious.

According to available statistics, there are 4,970 people suffering from epilepsy, including 2,386 men and 2,122 women and 462 new cases that have been identified from April to November in 2017. Mandya taluk has the most number of epileptic patients with 2,611 (1,438 men and 1,173 women).

According to District Pyschiatrist Dr K S Ashwath, epilepsy can be completely cured and there is no need for anxiety. All the Primary Health Centres in the state provide free treatment for the disorder. The government is taking all efforts to eradicate epilepsy. Those identified with epilepsy should continue medication compulsorily for three years after which the treatment may be stopped based on the health condition.

"If a person does not get seizures after three years, he is considered to be completely cured. If seizures recur, the treatment has to be continued for another three years. If he is not cured even after the second cycle of treatment, it is difficult to cure. But, it can be kept under control," he explained.

'It is necessary to provide a suitable working environment for those suffering from the disorder, the doctor suggested. "There are possibilities of those working near fire and water to lose their lives in case of sudden seizures. There are instances of many people suffering seizures while driving, which is dangerous. The patients themselves should be aware of their disorder and select a suitable and safe work place," he said.

The doctor advised that those who break into sudden seizures should be made to lie down on their left side. If proper ventilation is provided the patient gets back to normal within five minutes, he said.

It is believed that placing an iron rod or keys on the hands of an epileptic patient will control seizures. But the doctor advised against the practise. "It is more dangerous. Instead, those nearby should place a solid material on the patient's mouth to prevent damage to the tongue. Awareness is being created among people in this regard. The patient should be looked after for five minutes, after which he will become normal," Dr Ashwath said.

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