Student's safety sensor to avert gas tragedies

The mother of gas leak safety is here, a robotic sensor which may never let another gas leak tragedy happen.

Aptly named as 'Suraksha Ma', the robotic sensor can turn off the gas cylinder in case of a gas leak. It was one of the projects on display at the Dayananda Sagar Talent Search 2017. The sensor is an invention of a government school student, Shravani. Coming from a humble background, Shravani's greatest concern was a family's safety in the case of a possible gas leak.

The Dayananda Sagar Talent Search 2017 is a platform created by the Dayananda Sagar University (DSU) group to encourage students' innovations and inventions.

Other innovations that were exhibited were Quad-Copter, Bluetooth Robot, Vibration detector, Bomb Detecting Robot, Travelmate among others.

A group of students from the Army Public School created an app that hacks all the wi-fi passwords in educational campuses. It showed the vulnerability of internet security and importance of strenghtening it.

The DSU Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr Janardhan R said,"Today's innovations are the great assets of tomorrow. We have conducted DSU 2017 to showcase the students' hidden talents."

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