Shakespeare comes alive at Cubbon Park

Shakespeare comes alive at Cubbon Park

A group of theatre enthusiasts makes entire Cubbon Park their stage and performs some of the iconic plays of Shakespeare under the theme of 'Shakespeare in the Park'.

Established in 2014, The Bardolators of Bangalore, an eclectic mix of lawyers, engineers, artists and communication professionals, have joined hands for the love of Shakespeare by adapting his plays to suit the city's audience.

Famous plays like 'Much Ado About Nothing', 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', 'Twelfth Night' and a play compiling the iconic scenes from four Shakespearean plays have been staged so far.

From direction to production to costume design, the group manages everything themselves on a shoestring budget.

"All our plays are accompanied by music in the form of a violin or flute performance given by Anish, a member who is also a musician by passion," said Shruti Chandrashekharan, a law graduate and a member of the founding team.

"The reason we chose to perform Shakespeare's plays was that his plays are relevant even today and his plots and ideas are open to interpretation by anyone. The interpretative quality of the play makes it adaptable to people from all walks of life," adds Shruti.

The members also incorporate lines and scenes into some parts of the play where they feel the Shakespearean English would be difficult to understand.

The performances at the Cubbon Park are open to all. The members have been overwhelmed by the response when they see people turning up in large numbers though some people may not grasp the deep meaning of the plays.

The group also holds open auditions for their plays. The plays are largely funded by the actors themselves. However, they do pass a hat around during the performances and the contributions so received are use to fund the props for their performances.

"We chose the Cubbon Park as it an accessible space for everyone and the parks bamboo groove is our most preferred setting for our plays and it is in tune with our theme of 'Shakespeare in the Park' that gives it a distinct identity," adds Shruti.

During one of their productions, over 2,000 people turned up for their shows. The members usually rehearse in the park or at the member's homes.

When asked what was the next play they would like to stage: "It will have to be 'Romeo and Juliet'," says Shruti.

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