Unlocking technical brilliance

Unlocking technical brilliance

Aavishkaar Fest

Unlocking technical brilliance

curious Participants at the Anti-Chess event.

Aavishkaar focused more on the technical side and hence events like Circuit Analysis, Assembly Level Coding, Technical Treasure Hunt, Bio-medical quiz, Robotics and Paper Presentation were held under the technical banner. The non-technical events comprised Anti-Chess, Animation Design, Mock GRE, Mock CAT, Dumb Charades, Poster Design, Gaming, General Quiz and Kannada JAM. Dumb Charades gained the maximum attention.

A crowd of nearly 2,000 students from RNSIT, DSIT, BIT, PESIT, PESSE, BMC and many other colleges took an active part in the two-day event. Paper presentation was organised by the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET).  The first place was won by Sowmya M V of Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur. Abhishek Appaji of BMSCE bagged the second place. Robotics was a unique technical event in which students had to design a robot, which would follow a desired path and reach the finishing line as quickly as possible. Kedar from Karnataka Quiz Association conducted the quizzing session successfully.

Anoop and Kemparaju of RVCE and Bahubali, Souvik and Pramod of BMSCE got first and second places respectively in Circuit Analysis. Jayanth and Sharan Kumar of BMSCE emerged as the winners in Programming. In  Circuit Debugging, Anoop Kemparaju of RVCE stood first.

Mock CAT and mock GRE were the biggest hits among students aspiring for higher education. Anti-Chess saw nearly 30 participants and as per rules, every contestant played to lose. Treasure Hunt was a big hit among the students and saw a big turn out of 75 students. Dumb Charades provided a great entertainment for the audiences. It was enjoyable for both the participants and the spectators. “For prelims, we put Hollywood movies and personalities as themes. And for the finals, there were three rounds which were very tough to complete,” said Prajna, the coordinator.

The most entertaining part of the programme was held under the banner Kannada JAM. The contestants had to pick a chit and speak about that topic continuously for a minute without using any other language words, without making grammatical errors and also without quoting any phrases or quotes. Sriharidas of BMSCE emerged as the winner and the second place went to Kiran of BMSCE.

“Our alumni helped us in a big way with financial support and guided us in every way for
the success of the fest,” said Santosh M, a volunteer.