Drones keep a close watch

To ensure that no untoward incidents occur, the police department used drones to keep a watch on the event.

Not just one, but many were seen hovering in the skies, capturing all possible angles. Apart from this, the police department was making videos of all those entering the Vidhana Soudha security check.


Mix music, KRV has no problem


»Bengaluru Habba saw a mix of Hindi, English and Kannada music. The locals and Kannada activists did not mind the music of other languages being played.

However, when a local Kannada activist tried to voice his opinion, a police official took him to a side and asked him to leave the place and not create any chaos as that was not "our culture".


No paper cups
for water

»To ensure that littering is less and there is limited use of plastic, steel glasses were seen attached to the water dispensers. "Normally people carry their own water bottles. Also, during the last Open Street, the garbage menace was too much and it largely comprised paper plates and glasses. To ensure that there is less garbage around, this time we introduced steel glasses. It was well appreciated by citizens," said an organising committee member from Karnataka tourism department.

No place to sit, no shade either

»The delay in launching the logo took a toll on visitors. Many were seen complaining that there were not enough seats for people to sit.

No arrangements were even made to provide tented shade to people.

"The open street does not mean that everything has to be open, some provisions for people to sit or even stand under the shade should have been made," said Madhav R, a localite.


Book's popularity

»Bengalureans were delighted to see the a battery operated large sized book kept on lawns of Vidhana Soudha.

The book shared information from the pages of Karnataka's and Kannada's history, it also showcased the eminent personalities the state has produced from various walks of life including actor Rajkumar and writer Kuvempu.

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