'I am a keen learner'

'I am a keen learner'

Tripti Arvind was living a happy life as an educator and mother. But earlier this year, she decided to try something new and  try her hand at beauty pageants. Little did she know that she will soon win the title of 'Mrs India-Karnataka 2017' and then go on to being 'Mrs India 2017'.  

Hailing from Udupi, Tripti was the first Kannadiga to participate in the 'Mrs World' competition. In a chat with Anila Kurian, Tripti talks about her rollercoaster of a journey and  what she wants to achieve with the title given to her.  

Were you ever interested in being part of beauty pageants?  

I used to  be a ramp model when I was like 16 and 17. I then went on to pursue my graduation and post-graduation which didn't give me any time to even think of a life like this. I have a nine-year-old now and my life is quite busy. But this year, I decided to apply for the  pageant and one thing led to another and I'm here now.  

How helpful were your family and friends during the entire process?  

They were the ones who encouraged me to continue doing what I was doing.  My family play a vital role in my recognition. The other day, I went to my son's school for an event and it was great to see how proud the other parents were also of my achievements. I couldn't have done it without the help of everyone.  

What was it like representing India on an international platform?

I was one among the 35 other contestants. It was amazing to be a platform like that.  I was proud to be the one Kannadiga who went to represent India.  

Do you enjoy being recognised on the streets now?  

I was not a public figure before so it is a little different. I'm getting used to it. Having said that, I'm glad that people are recognising me and what I have achieved.  

What are some of the things that you want to achieve with your title?  

I want to empower women and their education. As per the statistics that I collected, there are very fewer women studying, especially because of the abuse and other problems that a family has. I want to work with organisations that help empower women. I want to do it on a larger scale so that women don't have to be dependent on men all the time.  

Do you  want to be a part of more pageants?  

I am done for now and very blessed and lucky to have achieved whatever I have. But I would like to work with organisations that conduct pageants. I am a keen learner and with my skill as a personality development trainer, I  believe that I will  be helpful to groom the  participants.  

Have you been approached for help by anyone so far?  

I do get a lot of requests and queries on social media.  I am happy to help the society in whatever way I can.

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