One for the album

One for the album

One for the album

The last semester of college is a crucial period in every student’s life. It is that phase when students have to say goodbye to their institutions and start thinking about their future. It’s that point of time when many students begin preparing their resumes while others decide to go in for higher education.

Despite all these plans, the students also want these last days in college to remain as golden memories. To make the days lively, students take part in many activities before the exams.                                                                                                                                                                    
Hashim, an engineering student at Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, is sad to leave the campus. “This college has been a part of my life for the last four years. Now the time has come to depart. I will start working soon after my exams, hence this will be my last experience as a student. I spent all these days in the company of many good friends and it is really hard to part,” he adds.

He has been collecting autographs, permanent addresses and photographs of his friends. “Since the last few days, more than attending the classes, we have been spending time together in the canteen recollecting the funny and sweet incidents we have spent together. We take pictures at every nook and corner of the campus with friends and professors. That’s how I would like to preserve my college days for ever,” he says.

Ankith, who has come all the way from Kanpur to pursue his degree at the RV College of Engineering, says before saying goodbye to the college and the City, he will enjoy the fest in his college with his friends for the last time.

“In a couple of days, I will step into another world and probably none of my friends and professors will accompany me there. We cannot recreate the campus atmosphere in our professional life. Thankfully, we have yet another fest happening in our college this weekend. We also have a hostel day and alumni meet where I can collect both autographs and photographs.”

 As exams are approaching, students are in a hurry to arrange farewell parties, trips and photo sessions. They are even arranging house parties. Vishal from PESIT is busy organising one such party at his home. “We don’t know which part of the world we will be in after college. So, we are visiting each other’s houses and knowing their families. In the last three months, I have gone sight-seeing in and around the City like Talakadu, Mekedatu, Mysore, Shivanasamudra and KRS with my friends and clicked many pictures,” he says.

Rakshata from PES College is in her second year B Com and says that she will miss the company of her seniors, who are friendly and caring.
“As we are in the second year, it is our responsibility to organise a farewell for our seniors with all respect and love. To make the function memorable, we are chalking out plans. We are  buying goodies, deciding the menu of the lunch and finalising some of the cultural events and most importantly arranging for the photo session. We will be preserving them in the college album.”