The priciest bites

The priciest bites

The priciest bites

We all love going to the movie theatres. But how many of you like paying a large amount for the snacks and drinks at the counter? Wouldn't it be great if you could carry your own food instead of spending so much on your day out?

The Bombay High Court recently directed the Maharashtra government to file a reply to a Public Interest Litigation challenging the prohibition on carrying outside food into movie theatres and multiplexes across the state. While the topic is trending in Mumbai, moviegoers in the city have something to say about it too.

Suchita B, an assistant professor, voices out, "I think it's ridiculous that the security guards check your bags while  entering the theatre and  don't allow you to carry the food you have it in and force you to purchase from the food court inside. It's very expensive and most of the time, you end up paying more for the popcorn than the ticket itself."  

Recalling an incident that happened, she adds, "I was going in for the movie and the security guard didn't allow me to take in a juice bottle. So I had to keep it on the counter and  they gave me an acknowledgement.  And since the exit way from the theatre is different from the entrance, I  didn't remember to collect it from the security guard."  

Suchita is not alone when it comes to spending a handsome amount in movie theatres for food.

Blogger Priyanjana Roy says, "I like going to watch the latest movies whenever I can. I like to carry a bottle of water with me wherever I go, but when I'm going to the movies, I can forget about it. The guards don't allow you to even carry a bottle of water and I end up spending twice the amount just for that inside."


She says that it would be best if return your belongings when you give the 3D glasses back. "I don't understand why I can't take what I want. These are my things that I paid for and want to have with me without having to go back for  it. And in terms of food, for a popcorn I could have purchased for less than Rs 50 outside, I end up paying Rs 250 or more.  Once, they served stale brownie which I had to pay for. They refused to refund my money or give me another one," she explains.  

Going to a movie  is an eventful affair for many. The food you buy at the theatres also needs to be well-thought through, especially because of the quantity and quality you get. 

Ashok Chintala, a pet photographer, wonders how many middle-class families and college students afford to go for  a movie.

"Most of the food items that you need comes as a combo pack and it's mostly either too much or too little for the gang. I also don't understand why you can't take in food from any other restaurant to the multiplex, as it is mostly in a mall, instead of buying something that you aren't truly happy with."

He also advises that if a rule like this does pass, there should be restrictions as to what a person can carry.

"One shouldn't be given too much freedom or they would just carry a tiffin box and make others uncomfortable.  The rules should come with terms and conditions," he adds.  

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