Lesser the better

Lesser the better

Lesser the better

cool Summer is all about keeping the skin fresh.

It’s summer and the hot sun can severely affect one’s skin if not looked after well. An important aspect of skin care is using the right kind of make-up. Metrolife spoke to make-up artist Ralph on the current trends one can use during summer.

According to him, trends in make-up are also recycled like in fashion. So come summer, he says, it’s all about keeping the skin looking fresh and healthy with minimum make-up. “The basic mantra for the season should be ‘lesser the better’. While heavy duty make-up does look nice, it can also make the skin look extremely oily,” he adds.

Ralph says if one has an even skin tone, it is better to avoid foundation all together.
“Otherwise go in for a compact and ditch the liquid foundation as it makes the skin very oily. Remember to use the compact to even out the skin tone. An even better option is a new product is the spray-on moisturiser which leaves one with a fresh feeling,” explains Ralph.

A good blush always brightens up the face, giving it a fresh look. This summer, Ralph suggests use of a light pink and orange blush. “Summer is all about experimenting with colours. So don’t stick to the regular black or red. Go in for interesting tones like a light pineapple melon, grape, peachy colours that suite one’s skin tone,” says Ralph.

When it comes to eye make-up, a lot of women prefer the regular black kaajal and eye-liner. But for this season, Ralph says it is always better to skip the ‘kaajal’ and go for a good waterproof mascara that gives a bright look to the eyes. “If one must use kaajal, then go in for different coloured eye pencils. Blues and greens are this season’s picks,” he says. “One can also be creative and smudge two colours on the eyelid giving it a classy look,” he adds.

Lipstick is out and lip gloss is in this season. With a variety of flavoured lip gloss available in the market, Ralph says one can give lipstick a miss. “Using just a light gloss during the day is fine but for the night, one can go in for darker shades and complete the look with a high pony or a French twist pony tail and one is set to head out anywhere,” he adds.