Each to his own!

Each to his own!

The Supreme Court on Tuesday recalled its order that made playing the National Anthem mandatory in cinema halls across the country. Moviegoers in the city share their thoughts about this new move with Metrolife.  



Naveen Suresh, Food blogger



"Why did the government have to create this drama out of nothing? Before that it was never mandatory to sing the National Anthem. I strongly believe that patriotism is not something that can be forced on someone, it should come from the heart. Instead of stressing on less important things, I think the government should think about providing food, clothing and shelter for the poor and neglected instead of creating all this buzz."



Gowri Om, Marketing and communications manager


"It certainly would make people feel less uncomfortable. I have experienced the passively aggressive abrasive environment when I chose not to stand up because the practice of belongingness to the land we refer to as roots is more than the conceptual idea of respecting it. To me, it translates to actually taking care of the land, ensuring you don't pollute it, so on and so forth. I wish theatres used that slot to impart more meaningful information."


Amrit Prakash, Product specialist


"It's part of my job to plan 'refreshment trips' for our international clients. Going for movies with them comes as part of it. Most foreign nationals find it odd to stand up for our National Anthem before the film. They usually don't know what to do and they ask as to why it is compulsory. So I think the Supreme Court's move is good. Personally speaking, I will miss singing the National Anthem. Maybe I will just forget about it and look forward to watching the movie."


Aditya Kshirsagar, Communication manager


"The SC has passed the onus from themselves to cinema owners. In the current climate, it is not unimaginable that theatre owners would continue playing the National Anthem due to pressure from 'certain parts of society'. The move is a bad decision. I am someone who enjoys the National Anthem but many others don't. Of course, there is a sense of patriotism when you hear it but you can't force it on the people."

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