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Do what you love

Dear Sir,

My son is studying in PUC I, with Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Computer Science as his electives. He likes Physics more than any other subject. But he is not able to do well in Maths. Can you suggest some courses based on Physics that he can do after PUC II? Also inform about the scope for these courses.

A Parent


Dear Parent,

Do check with him if he is interested in going into pure Physics as a full-time career. If so, he can take up a BSc degree, an integrated MS degree or even a four-year BS in Physics from any reputed institution.

But keep in mind that you should also evaluate his other traits to know whether after his studies, he would like to be in research, teaching, product development, quality control, etc. The courses he takes up should be based on his long-term goals. If he is genuinely committed and talented, he can have a good future.


Dear Sir,

I am a PUC I Science student. As I to pursue medicine, I have to write the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). I am not going for any NEET coaching. While my mother has advised me to take NEET coaching after my PUC II exam, my friend has advised me to take up NEET coaching from this year itself. I feel that if I concentrate on my NEET preparation, I may not be able to concentrate on academics. I also feel that I may get confused while reading both NEET as well as my syllabus. Please guide as to when is the appropriate time to start NEET coaching.



Dear Priyanka,

At this stage it is very important that you build up your foundation and acquire good knowledge and skills. That will be useful to you regardless of what career you take up.

Also, since NEET is a highly competitive exam and sometimes even very deserving candidates cannot get a good rank, it is better not to put all your efforts and hopes into that one exam. So, you can start preparing initially by getting books or online Apps, and in the holidays after PUC I, you can attend short-term coaching.

Focus on the learning through your PUC studies, and also start exploring various other career options that interest you and are part of the medical field.


Dear Sir,

I am currently studying in Class 12 and I wish to study Speech Language and Pathology. Can you suggest some good universities where I can pursue this course and other allied health sciences courses?



Dear Nikhitha,

Bachelor of Speech Language Pathology (BSLPA) is a four-year course (including internship) that makes you a paramedical professional to work with patients who have speech or hearing defects, ranging from small children with delayed milestones to elders who lose their hearing or stroke related speech impairment.

The most reputed institutes are All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysuru (, and Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for the Hearing Handicapped ( Bengaluru also has a few colleges affiliated to Bangalore University, notably Dr S R Chandrasekhar Institute Of Speech And Hearing ( and Samvaad Institute of Speech and Hearing (

Admission is through entrance exams conducted by the respective institutions. Prospects for employment are good in hospitals, polyclinics, therapy centres   and one can open an individual consultation also.


Dear Sir,

I am studying in Class 12 (Science). I want to do BTech in Chemical engineering. Could you let me know as to what the future career prospects for a chemical engineer in India will be like? Also, please let me know if the course is interesting as I want to join this stream because many say so.

A Student


Dear Student,

Please do not go by others' words relating to career. You have to take the trouble of finding out whether that stream is interesting to you or not. Read a few textbooks on Chemical engineering, find out more information about the course online, visit one or two colleges offering this course and speak to a few students and teachers doing the course, and most importantly, talk to some professionals who are already working in the field. Only then you will be able to decide whether it suits you in terms of subjects of study, lifestyle, expertise required, personality traits etc.

Chemical engineering is offered by innumerable universities all over the country, and there is a steady and consistent demand for chemical engineers.


Dear Sir,

I am studying in Class 10 (CBSE). I am interested in Biology, but I do not want Maths in PUC. Are there any PU colleges offering courses in Science without Maths? If I take such a course, what options would I have later?



Dear SP,

There are a number of PU colleges offering Science without Maths. There are also a selected number of CBSE and ISC schools that give such combinations.


After completing PUC, you can opt to go for courses in the fields of paramedical, nutrition, agriculture, horticulture, environment, wildlife, plant pathology, cognitive neurosciences, and many more. Once you finish PUC I, you can start exploring 
different careers, courses 
and colleges.



Dear Sir,

My son is completing his seventh semester in Medical Electronics engineering. If he does not get placement through college, what options would you suggest? Can higher studies be done?



Dear RT,

One need not go for higher studies only because he is not getting campus placement. If he has studied well and is proficient in the field, he can try on his own for an entry level job in even a small or medium enterprise, regardless of the initial salary.

Having studied the theory, it is very important that he gets hands-on and practical experience, after which he will know what he would like to specialise in and what higher studies to pursue. In case he does not find medical electronics fascinating, there is nothing preventing him from moving into non-technical careers also.

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