Dancing his way into the spotlight

Dancing his way into the spotlight

Dancing his way into the spotlight

For those who have been fans of the initial seasons of 'Dance India Dance' will know a dancer named Prince Gupta. Prince had a unique dancing style which gave him the name 'Prince of Locking and Popping'. Though many haven't seen much of him after the reality show, he has been assisting choreographer Ahmed Khan in his Bollywood projects. Prince shares tidbits about how his life has changed since the show with Anila Kurian.

Has life changed drastically since 'Dance India Dance'?

Yes, very much. Earlier I just danced because I was passionate about it. I never planned a career in dancing. But since the show, I understood the platform dancing can give you.

What have you been working on lately?

I'm assisting choreographer Ahmed Khan and we're working on 'Friday' starring Govinda and Varun Sharma. I'm also working on a Gujarati film called 'Family Circus'.

You conducted the largest free dance workshop...

It was a dance camp for 3,200 participants where the dancers were offered free food, stay and dance classes. I've always wanted to do something like this. I want to be able to tell people that I have also given back to the dance community in whatever way I can. I don't know what my future holds, so I take up projects like these to help other dancers.

Why did you want to start a dance reality show?

Most of the reality shows have their own limitations and that doesn't do justice to the good dancers. I wanted to start a reality show in a web series format. We've already shot two episodes of it. The aim is to showcase the pure talent and if you can dance, you are in. It is a risk that I am taking on a business end, but I don't care. I want to spread dance in any form I can.

What's something you've learnt from working in the industry?

I never had any training, so everything I know is because of experience. Technical work is something that I have learnt.

From being known as the 'Prince of Locking and Popping' to a leading choreographer, what's next?

I want to become a Bollywood choreographer. I don't have the craze of coming on camera anymore, but I want to be known as a good technician. There's a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes and that's what I want to be doing.

You've also given a lot of importance to build your body. What motivated you?

It's not just the actors who need to maintain their body. This also applies to the person behind the camera as well. I was a very skinny person and people weren't taking me seriously. That's why I decided to build my body. It wasn't so hard because the actors I worked with helped me.

What are some of the movies you're working on?

There's a Gujarati film called 'Family Circus' and a Bollywood movie called 'Friday'.

How has your love for dance evolved?

I've evolved from dancing just for passion and giving it a platform for various projects. It's helped me grow a business. I'll be happy as long as I am dancing.

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