Hold secret FM-level talks to improve India-China ties: Subramanian Swamy

Hold secret FM-level talks to improve India-China ties: Subramanian Swamy

Hold secret FM-level talks to improve India-China ties: Subramanian Swamy

India-China relations can improve only if New Delhi gets an assurance that Beijing would not intervene if any "drastic defence activity" is taken against Pakistan over its support to terrorism and also addresses its concerns over the burgeoning Indo-US ties, senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has said.

Swamy said the two countries should strive to achieve these objectives by holding "secret" talk at the foreign ministers-level.

Swamy, who was in China this week, held talks with Chinese officials and scholars at major think-tanks.

"There are two issue India and China should have secret talks at the level of Foreign Ministers: One is the extent China would feel compelled to intervene in case we take drastic defence action against Pakistan for terrorist attacks," Swamy told PTI. Similarly, the talks should cover China's concerns about India becoming part of America's strategy in the Indo-Pacific and taking part in the quadrilateral alliance comprising of the US, India, Japan and Australia, he said.

Officials of the four countries had held their first meeting last year to address their security concerns over China's aggressive behaviour in areas like the disputed South China Sea.

Swamy said Chinese officials asked why India is rapidly "embracing" the US.

"In my opinion improvement of relations between India and China could kick start if we have only two agendas. That meeting should be done not by official perhaps at the officials but at the level of Foreign Ministers," he said.

Swamy said the foreign ministers-level talks is purely his personal suggestion. Swamy said he had explained to the Chinese officials that Pakistan Army is gradually turning Jihadi army as most of the Brigadier level officials who is set to succeed the Corps Commanders sporting long beards and pray five times.

There could even coup by the Pakistan Army in future to take control of the government, he said. The relations between India and China dipped to new low last year after the 73-day standoff Dokalam which was resolved on August 28.

Swamy said several rounds of NSA-level talks had not worked so far.

He said India too should give assurance that any dispute between the US and China, including the South China Sea where India is not a party, should be resolved by them through talks.

On the border issue, he said China should accept McMahon Line as it accepted the same in case of Myanmar. Chinese officials said that Myanmar never demanded to hand over the territory back unlike India hinting that India should adopt a more gentle approach.