Enchanting purple

Enchanting purple

Enchanting purple

Taking the New Year as an excuse to revamp their wardrobe, many fashionistas look forward to adding a new hue to their closet. This year, with Pantone Colour Institute announcing  ultra violet  as the colour of the year, designers and fashion enthusiasts are already prepping up to get  their hands on this royal colour.  

Designer Parul J Maurya of label 'Parul J Maurya' says, "Ultra violet is an enchanting purple which suits both men and women. It represents luxury and is a classic. The deep shade of ultra violet tends to make people stand out in the crowd."  

She suggests that incorporating this colour in a purple-knitted jumper, a pair of show-stopping ultra violet boots, a purple jumpsuit or a shimmery ruffled gown can effortlessly help steal the show.

Designer Mitesh Lodha  points out that this colour goes well with the Indian skin tone. And the fact that it's not just women but also men exploring this hue, makes it more accepted. "It is a fresh colour out of the palette and is a dualist shade which can be used and adapted with anything. People can wear this colour by itself or add a pop by pairing it with lighter shades," opines Mitesh.

Describing the Pantone colour as strong and powerful, designer Nikita Gupta of Label N terms it as an unconventional colour. She says, "This hue stands for sisterhood and feminism as it is bold and subtle at the same time. One can also keep this colour in mind for decoration or while deciding the interiors of one's house.

Highlighting its versatility, Nikita throws light on how this colour is fast growing as a favourite for makeup artists too. She adds, "Apart from clothes, ultra violet is  gaining popularity in beauty routine too. Makeup artists have started releasing tutorials and looks on the different ways a person can pull this trend off. Even hair coloured in deep purple looks great."

Ultra violet is surely here to rule the year  in a majestic avatar. Not just fashion, but people are also exploring this shade in other various areas of interest like food and photography too. It's time you get your hands on ultra violet!