Indian actor sweeps Russian roads

Arman Kumar Jha, who lives with his Russian wife and daughter in the remote Far Eastern city of Ussurisk close to the Chinese border, sweeps the roads in the remote Russian city, a TV channel reported.

Before coming to Russia, he had played several roles on stage in India and had good future prospects in acting.

He met his future wife Carolina in Mumbai, who had gone there for learning Indian dances, and both fell in love.

They got married according to Vedic rites but Carolina could not endure India’s hot climate and had to return to Russia.

Arman Kumar also joined her after some time. But he could not find a job, as he did not know Russian.

He exhausted all the money, he brought from India on his family, is now forced to sweep the roads. “I get 150 roubles for sweeping in front of two shops. I earn six thousand roubles— $(US) 200—per month, I used earn this much in a day of shooting in India. My daughter Aria is forced to wear second-hand clothes, in India I used to give-away my almost new clothes to the poor,” Arman told Russian Channel 1 TV. “This is the saddest role in his career,” the channel said.

In the small Far Eastern town, there is no scope for his wife to earn a living through Indian dances she learnt in India. Out of sympathy for the Indian actor, local TV tried to give him a job of weather forecaster, but his Russian language skill was hopeless. For the same reason local Drama Theatre also could not hire him. After failing to get work, with his last money he tried to return home but was turned back from Moscow airport, as he did not have an exit visa. “He came here with the money he earned in India. Came rich to Russia to spend that money on his daughter. In India that money would have lasted for many years, here it disappeared on documents, seals and signatures,” Jha’s wife Carolina told the Channel 1 TV.

“He is very well behaved, a cultured boy, he is a good worker and everyone praises him,” his employer Valentia says. “About the sweeper with colourful personality and sad eyes people say: ‘A heart of gold,’ ” Channel 1 TV concluded its report.

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