'I want to create a space of my own'

'I want to create a space of my own'

'I want to create a space of my own'

The most powerful emotions can be conveyed best through expressions without help of words. 'David', where Sandalwood actor Shreyas Chinga portrays the character of Gautham, the son of a rich NRI who returns to India after a long stint abroad, is something to watch out for.

The actor says getting the expressions right was the toughest part of working on 'David', a suspense thriller where every actor has been hand-picked. Shreyas says that the film has been made on a grand scale.

The latest news to draw people's attention, is the release of a teaser, introducing the lead role. The teaser is catchy and does well to arouse one's curiosity. "I like the way my character unfolds. How Gautham transforms from being a quiet and simple guy to someone who takes it upon himself to find those responsible for the loss of his friend is what is impressive. The change of emotions and how that is communicated was indeed tough to portray," says Shreyas.

The actor has three major fight sequences in the film and each sequence has been structured in a different way.

"There are scenes which showcase a hand to hand combat and some other scenes have dealt with raw fighting. The climax fight scene was shot at Minerva Mills and that is the highlight of the movie," he says.

Elaborating on the choice of Minerva Mills, Shreyas says that the whole space had been transformed to resemble a grand set.

"There were 200 lights brought in and 300 odd men on ground involved in shooting a sequence. We have showcased Minerva Mills in an entirely different light," he adds.

Playing Gautham was not easy, concedes Shreyas. "It was hard to play Gautham because he talks through his eyes and perfecting that bit was a tough ride. His is a silent character," he adds. But the transformation of Gautham, when he looses his dear friend was not hard to showcase, says Shreyas. "Those emotions were easy to connect to because I too lost a dear friend and I could relate to the situation and understand the emotions well,"he adds.

Shreyas always believes in giving every character his own interpretation. "I believe in creating my own style, mannerism and acting skill. I want to create a space of my own and not get ahead by competing with other people. I respect the art form which is why I got into it," he says.

The actor has been involved on the production side as well. "I like to get an insight into and contribute to every aspect of filmmaking rather than just get stuck in one thing,"he signs off.