'I find mundane life exciting'

'I find mundane life exciting'

Often called a modern-day princess, actor Soha Ali Khan breaks into pleasant laughter when she is quizzed about her famous family. Born to celebrity  parents and having a famous sibling made her realise that she had big shoes to fill.  

The actor, who was in the city on Sunday, interacted with Tini Sara Anien about turning an author, motherhood and more.

How often do you come to Bengaluru?

I'm here often, be it for a fashion week or to endorse brands. Mumbai is home and going out of the city is exciting. I love many things about Bengaluru like the chill in the air  even when it is sunny.  

What inspired you to  turn an author?  

I never wanted to be an author. It was the publication house, Penguin which approached me and convinced me that I read and write a lot and should try  writing a book. I was not sure. I  wrote a chapter, sent it to some friends and got some good feedback, which is when I decided to sign the contract.  

Tell us a bit about 'The Perils of Being Moderately Famous'.  

The book's title came to me as  I was wondering about what readers would be most interested in knowing about me. I realised that it might be the fact that I come from a known family and belong to an industry which has a lot of people who are constantly trying to make it big. I thought this would be a great way to correct people's misconceptions and impressions about me. The book takes a peek into my childhood, family, love and career and everything routes back to being moderately famous.    

Did you feel any pressure when you entered the industry?  

Of course. People like making comparisons. I expected that from people outside. From within the family, there was no pressure to join the industry but once I  did, there was no pressure to excel. My parents always told me that it was important to contribute to the industry and be happy.    

Who  did you turn to when you needed advice?

Different family members serve different functions in my life. I can talk to my brother about films. His information is more contemporary.

When I am struggling with a film scene, I turn to my mother. If there is  a question about marriage-work balance, she knows exactly how to guide me. If it was about how to address a  media question, I would turn to my father who was diplomatic with his words.

Tell us about some precious moments with Inaaya.

Every day is a new day with her around. The first few weeks were incredibly challenging and difficult. Kunal and I had to manage everything. Now that she is four-months old, I understand  her better. I know why she is crying now. She plays and interacts more. It keeps getting easier as the days pass.  

How has motherhood changed you?

Your priorities change. It's not just about what you want and what makes you happy anymore. Your whole perspective changes. I watch a diaper commercial and get emotional now.

How is Kunal as a father?

Kunal is a lovely parent. There are moments when I wonder why Inaaya is crying and he calmly tells me that crying is the way babies interact. I have become  calm now but he was calm from the beginning.  

Are there any films in the pipeline?  

I am a part of Tigmanshu Dhulia's 'Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster 3'. In 2018,  Kunal and I will be step into production. A lot of biopics are being made nowadays. We  are working on a biopic on  Ram Jethmalani.

What excites you apart from work?

I am not an adventure sports fan.  I do not want to do bungee jumping or deep-sea diving.  I find mundane life exciting. I like travelling and would like to explore new parts of the world with Inaaya.  

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