Govt's 'move' to take control of mutts, private temples, irks BJP

Govt's 'move' to take control of mutts, private temples, irks BJP

Govt's 'move' to take control of mutts, private temples, irks BJP

Accusing the government of trying to take control of mutts, temples run by mutts and religious institutions of Jain, Buddhist and Sikh communities in the state, the Opposition BJP has demanded that the government withdraw a public notification it has issued to this effect immediately.

The department of Religious and Charitable Endowments (Muzrai) had, on January 29, issued a public notification inviting opinions and suggestions from the public, priests, temple administrations and religious heads.

Noting that there was a need for a comprehensive law, it had sought to know their thoughts on bringing the mutts, temples and certain religious institutions under the ambit of the Muzrai department and the degree of control the department should exercise.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly Jagadish Shettar said the move had caused concern among heads of religious institutions.

"The government should immediately withdraw the public notification. Else, the BJP will take to streets in protest. If the government has good intentions, it should bring all religious institutions (Hindu, Muslim and Christian) under the department's control," he said.

Will leave temple, warns Pejawar seer

Pejawar seer Vishwesha Theertha Swami said the seers of Ashta Mutts would leave the Krishna temple and the mutts if the government plans to take over the temple.

Speaking to mediapersons, the seer said the government had no right to take over the temple and its administration.

He said the seers cannot be slaves under the government. The devotees should decide over the anti-Hindu approach of the government. The anti-Hindu Congress-led government is biased and partial against the majority community. It is trying all unethical methods to appease the minority community, he said.

The seer said if it is only a Supreme Court order that is being followed, he has no objections.

District incharge minister Pramod Madhwaraj said the Supreme Court had directed to collect opinions and suggestions to redraft the Endowment Act. The government is following the order, he said.