Bengaluru designer Sweta Bose trending in Mumbai

Bengaluru designer Sweta Bose trending in Mumbai

Bengaluru designer Sweta Bose trending in Mumbai

Seeing our favourite celebrities together on the same screen is always a delight but meeting them in person is a different experience altogether. Bengaluru fashion designer Sweta Bose, now based in Mumbai,  got an opportunity to style the actors of the multi-starrer film 'Welcome To New York' - which she says was an experience to cherish.  

In a conversation with Surupasree Sarmmah, the designer talks about  her experience of working in a multi-starrer movie with her favourite actors.  

How was your experience designing clothes for such a huge cast?

I have assisted in styling Boman Irani, Lara Dutta, Ritesh Deshmukh, Rana Daggubati and entire secondary cast. Each one of them are so warm and co-operative. Making sure that the costume choices not only fit the character but also enhance the overall feeling of the scenes involved was the priority. It was a challenge to create the look of the characters and develop costume plots for each of them. These plots ensure that colours and styles do not mimic each other in the same scene and highlight the characters emotional journey by varying the intensity and depth of the colours used.  

How did the project come to you?

A close friend of mine, Amrita Mordani, helped me get the project. I have assisted her in this movie and it is my second movie with her. Working with her is always a pleasure and there is so much to learn. Organisation of wardrobes and costumes by staying on budget and on schedule is one such lessons I have learnt.

What was the best part about it?

I love travelling and trying out local cuisines. Since the movie was shot in various locations this was accomplished with this movie project.

Another interesting opportunity I got is to meet people from various creative fields like acting, art, direction and production. The biggest take away is the chance to meet and work with my favourite celebrities.

One actor whose styling you loved the most in the film...

I loved how Lara Dutta looked in her black off-shoulder dress and her styling when she appears for the IIFA event in the film.