Obama announces series of measures to build trust with Muslims

Obama announces series of measures to build trust with Muslims

Obama announces series of measures to build trust with Muslims

Obama had travelled to Cairo nearly one year ago and gave a major speech to the Muslim world calling for a new beginning between the United States and Muslim communities -- a new beginning based on mutual interest and mutual respect.

"The United States is launching several new exchange programmes. We will bring business and social entrepreneurs from Muslim-majority countries to the United States and send their American counterparts to learn from your countries," Obama said in his address to 250 successful entrepreneurs, mostly from the Muslim world. Half a dozen of the entrepreneurs were from India.

Women in technology fields will have the opportunity to come to the United States for internships and professional development, Obama said, adding since innovation is central to entrepreneurship, the US is creating new exchanges for science teachers.

"We're forging new partnerships in which high-tech leaders from Silicon Valley will share their expertise -- in venture capital, mentorship, and technology incubators -- with partners in the Middle East and in Turkey and in Southeast Asia," Obama said.

The US President said the Global Technology and Innovation Fund that he announced in Cairo about a year ago will potentially mobilise more than USD 2 billion in investments.

"This is private capital, and it will unlock new opportunities for people across our countries in sectors like telecommunications, health care, education, and infrastructure," he said.

"Finally, I'm proud that we're creating here at this summit not only these programmes that I've just mentioned, but it's not going to stop here.

Together, we've sparked a new era of entrepreneurship -- with events all over Washington this week, and upcoming regional conferences around the world," Obama said.

The next entrepreneur summit would be held in Turkey next year, he announced.
"As I said, there are those who questioned whether we could forge these new beginnings.

And given the magnitude of the challenges we face in the world -- and let's face it, a lot of the bad news that comes through the television each and every day -- sometimes it can be tempting to believe that the goodwill and good works of ordinary people are simply insufficient to the task at hand," he said.

"But to any who still doubt whether partnerships between people can remake our world, I say look at the men and women who are here today," Obama said.

Asserting that the new beginning he seeks is not only possible, but has already begun, Obama told the entrepreneurs: "It exists within each of you, and millions around the world who believe, like we do, that the future belongs not to those who would divide us, but to those who come together; not to those who would destroy, but those who would build; not those trapped in the past, but those who, like us, believe with confidence and conviction in a future of justice and progress and the dignity of all human beings regardless of their race, regardless of their religion."