Ailments galore as summer nears

Ailments galore as summer nears

The heat wave has hit Bengaluru quite  harshly  with ailments and health discomforts increasing on an alarming rate. While the temperatures have risen to 32 °C, medical experts in the city advise Bengalureans to stay hydrated and eat well.

Flu soaring  high

Climatic changes have lead to an increase in ailments like cough, cold, flu and throat aches.  Dr Ramya Raghavan, consultant internal medicine and diabetology, Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield, says, "While early mornings still see colder temperatures, the daytime experiences well above  30 °C. This can play bad games with one's health including viral and respiratory illnesses."  

"A minimum of 15 cases are seen daily from February onwards," she adds.  

There is also a rise in gastroenteritis cases in the city. "Food and water-related illnesses are also noticed now. We have been getting  around 7 to 8 cases per day," she adds.    

Eyeing the issue  

The transition of weather is leading to a wide release of pollen and an increase in eye allergy cases. Dr  Pallavi Joshi, consultant cornea and refractive services, Sankara Eye Hospital, says, "Through the year, we  see around 10 to 15 cases of eye allergy per day which has increased to 20 to 30 since mid of February. Viral conjunctivitis cases have also increased from 1 to 2 cases per day to 5 to 10 cases now."

Cases of dryness of the eye  are also being experienced by many Bengalureans, she vouches. "The cases have gone up by 20 folds now," says Dr Pallavi.  

Fighting it with nutrition

Ranjani Raman, a nutrition consultant, says, "Fluids matter a lot. Often one does not realise that they are dehydrated even when in an AC room. Avoid aerated and packed drinks and replace them with natural drinks like tender coconut water, buttermilk, sugarcane juice and sugarless fruit juices."

She points out that water intake should increase by 30 to 40 percent during this time.

Building up one's immunity is a must during such  climatic changes, she points out. "Eat more colourful vegetables and consume fruits like seasonal fruits like watermelon, musk melons, oranges, grapes and pomegranates. One can also have mangoes  once they are in season," she adds.  Ranjani says, "Fermented food like 'idli' and 'dhokla'  work well for the season. Curd  as 'lassi' or 'raita' must also be had."

Must dos and don'ts


Hand hygiene is a must. Wash hands  every time after coming indoors. Or use a sanitiser. Do not ignore a flu or an eye allergy. Stay indoors and let it heal.


Hydration matters

Sipping water at regular intervals is a must.

For those who like to sip on something warm, green or herbal tea is a good option.

Juices from tomato, carrot or even beetroot  will be beneficial.


"Other heat-related issues like cramps,  heat exhaustion and heat-strokemay follow by April-May."

DR RAMYA RAGHAVAN, Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield.


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