Today's letters

Today's letters


Wasting tax payers’ money
Parliament sessions these days are witnessing pandemonium for one or the other reason. No business is transacted on such occasions. Tax payers' money spent on the conduct of parliamentary procedures as well as on the fat salary and allowances paid to the MPs go down the drain. It is regrettable that politicians do not feel remorse when they receive their salary and allowances without doing any work. It is politicians who have passed the ‘no-work-no-pay' law for the workers. It is high time the same principle is applied to the MPs whenever they disrupt Parliament work and MLAs whenever they disrupt the respective assembly work.

Hansraj Bhat
Borivali (W), MUMBAI

Spying scandal
Apropos "Woman official spied for Pak" (April 28). I used to feel proud looking at Nirupama Rao and other women diplomats handling the Ministry of External Affairs and other diplomatic affairs and  with abroad critical missions. 

We are used to hearing scandals about diplomats and MEA staff, but a person like 54 year old Madhuri Gupta a Second Secretary an IFS-B grade officer working with Indian Mission at Islamabad who had spied for Pakistan for over two years, is not only shocking but also painful.

In the 63 years of independent India, there have been many cases of espionage, and out of these Madhuri Gupta’s case may be the first case of woman espionage. Its once again proved  that  where espionage or criminal mindset is concerned, there is no difference between gender, caste and religion .The said  reason for the espionage is her dislike for the IFS officers’ lobby, which Madhuri claims treat B-grade officers like dirt. May be she is right, but that does not mean that instead of complaining to her seniors or CAT, she could resort to sending information by e-mail to IB officers of Pakistan? Corrupt officials like her should be severely dealt with if found guilt.

Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee

Political hypocrisy
The UPA government could easily defeat the cut motions but the wide margin masked the extent of its dependence on Mayawati who offered support in public hours before the trial of strength in the Lok Sabha .But the government’s cushion is not a comfortable as it appears from the cut-motion vote: which means the government could have been in trouble without the support of Mayawati’s 21 MPs if all its rivals had voted together.

The measure of hypocrisy and expediency it will now have to settle for is apparent in its shotgun wedding with the BSP. It has agreed to go slow on corruption cases against Ms Mayawati in exchange for the BSP leader’s backing. Yet, in Uttar Pradesh the Congress and BSP are at each other’s throats and gearing up for a direct contest in the 2012 Assembly election. In Lucknow,The Congress accuses the BSP of corruption; in New Delhi, the Manmohan Singh Government uses the CBI to get Ms Mayawati off the hook and close cases against her!

J.S. Acharya,
Tarnaka, Hyderabad

Extend last date for paying Property Tax
The last date for payment of Property Tax to the BBMP with 5 % rebate is 30th April and still large queues can be seen at most of the BBMP tax Payment Centres in Bangalore. Due to the preoccupation of the BBMP officials with the Council elections, these Centres became operational only by the middle of April and for some time, even the SAS forms were not easily available to the tax-payers. Further, most of the Wards have undergone changes and it is a herculean task for the tax-payers to locate their correct Payment Centres. Even these centres are not working on all the 7 days and have restricted timings. In view of all these difficulties faced by the tax-payers, it is just and reasonable to extend the last date for paying the tax with 5 % rebate by a month or so and surely it will relieve the last-minute rush and inconvenience to the citizens.

B.S. Manohar

Medical scam
It is unbeliveable that the President of the MCI should steep so low as to accept bribes forgetting that education and that too medical education is a field considered noble that deals with the life and death of people and what we could expect from the students who may come out of institutions where corruption is rampant! God save our motherland from such unscrupulous individuals who have no morals and hearts.

V. Padmanabhan

Not a good beginning
Sir, It is unfortunate that Bangalore's milk man turned Mayor has taken the first wrong step. Instead of starting his work of making Bangalore Clean and Comfortable as promised after wearing the mayoral dress, our Mr. Nataraj has started asking for a high end car for his use ! In fact the mayor must be given a motor cycle since he cannot enter some of the lanes of his own Ward in Sarakki in a car.Also, since the mayor has already lost over 30 valuable days from his allotted 365 days as mayor, it is all the more important that he starts working in right earnest instead of hankering over status symbols.It is said that 'to err is human' but for Natraj it should not be from a Mayor to May-Err !

Let us hope that cricketer-cum-deputy mayor does not follow the bad example of his senior-the mayor by asking for for a high end car for his use. It is important to be known to all for one's good work and not by mere status symbols.