Residents rally around Agara Lake

Residents rally around Agara Lake

Residents rally around Agara Lake

Residents around Agara Lake had an unusual experience on Sunday. They got to participate in a 'Jalajatre,' or a water rally, around the lake, organised by the Members of Agara Lake Protection and Management Society in collaboration with Prakruthi Foundation.

While many people came to enjoy the serenity of the lake, others zealously participated in a cycle rally to spread awareness on the need for conservation of waterbodies and the environment. People from various parts of Sarjapur, and even from JP Nagar pedaled their way to celebrate Water Day  - observed on March 22 - and also to spread the word on environment conservation and Swachch Bharat.

The event began at 7 am on Sunday, and included programmes like  terrace gardening and demonstrations on waste management. For instance, the residents of HSR Layout brought manure created from dry leaves. This was distributed to children who, in turn, used the manure while planting saplings.

Besides, there were handicraft stalls and cultural programmes to keep the participants engaged.

Efforts to keep lake alive

People residing around Agara lake said that the environment around the waterbody has improved after the lake was revived. The lake was first revived in 2006, and the forest department along with locals have tried to keep the lake alive ever since.

"I have been visiting the lake for the last 15 years. Earlier, one could not even stand near it because of the stench. But now, I come here for walks. It has been maintained well and people are also playing their role in saving the waterbody," said Pragathi, a resident of Agara.