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Last Updated 27 March 2018, 18:45 IST

We relive our entire childhood with our children” my mother would often remark during my growing up years, yet it wasn’t something that I was even remotely prepared for until it hit me in the face just a few days ago during my son’s 4th-grade exams!

Now, the exams are finally over! (Never thought that I would be exclaiming exam relief almost 15 years after exams got over permanently for me)! Phew! Nevertheless, here are some important things that I gleaned during these seemingly never-ending ten days – learnings that will stand me in good stead for the next 15 years!

We mothers need to wake up much before exams actually start. Investing in a weekly review of what’s going on in class, will ascertain how much attention your child is paying in class and will avoid last-minute anxiety pangs.

Attempt to make studies a ‘game’ for the children. I know that sounds insane but trust me it’s possible. My son would have never learnt ‘Hindi number names’ up to one hundred had there been no game involved.

Start mentally preparing the kids for the upcoming exams. It’s not the studying more but the playing less that truly upsets them. They, therefore, need to be prepared for the eventuality that their playtime will get compromised during this period.

Entice them with food – ‘jewels’, but in the guise of ‘junk’. I was earning my brownie points quite literally by making brownies for my son (except, they were made with almond flour to boost his immunity and nurture his brain)

Be prepared for all regular rules to be suspended during exams. When giving my son a 10-minute break, after an hour of studying, I would actually offer a gadget to that sulking face- TV, iPad, my phone (of course with parental guidance installed).The motivation that brought a big smile to an otherwise frowning face!!
Things/Lessons learnt by my son- (As stated by him)
The true meaning of the word ‘TORTURE!’
The only time that mom allows you to stay up late at night is during exams!
You can ask for whatever you want during exams and it will be granted!!

Amrita Raichand
(Television personality and chef)

(Published 27 March 2018, 12:54 IST)

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