Another roadblock to unified State hockey unit

Another roadblock to unified State hockey unit

KOA-KSHA tangle takes a whole new dimension

The ad-hoc body was expected to be a step towards forming a unified association in the State and while the KSHA stated it had got approval for a unified panel formed in December last year from Hockey India, the KOA firmly rejected it, saying it did not have the apex body’s nod.

A city civil court gave KOA the go-ahead to form an ad-hoc body last month and accordingly, KOA named a panel which has got Hockey India’s approval, much to the chagrin of Krishnamurthy. The panel named by KOA has KSHA president RK Shetty as the president and Gayathri Murthy as the secretary.

At a press conference on Thursday, Krishnamurthy questioned the KOA move and alleged that it was trying to destroy harmony in the hockey body. “Following the city civil court order, we approached the high court and have got a stay order that prevents KOA from forming an ad-hoc body,” said Krishnamurthy.

KOA secretary K Anantharaju, however, said he was not aware of any such order from the high court. “It’s news to me. I am not aware of any such high court order,” he said, and reiterated that the panel forwarded by KOA had been approved by Hockey India, the national body.

Krishnamurthy said he had written to Hockey India about the stay order.
“We have intimated Hockey India about the development and also forwarded the court stay order copy to them. We also requested HI not to recognise any fresh list sent to them and the status quo needed to be maintained,” he said.

Krishnamurthy’s remarks came as his name was removed from the Hockey India website. “Hockey India site now shows the name of Gayathri Murthy, who was originally the treasurer in the nine-member ad-hoc committee formed by KSHA in December,” said Krishnamurthy.

Anantharaju, meanwhile, said Thursday’s press conference was uncalled for, adding that KOA had acted as per the Hockey India directives.