Workouts are a must during periods

Workouts are a must during periods

Workouts are a must during periods

Can I please skip my workout session today? Am I allowed to workout during my periods? These are questions that I am frequently asked. Everything else is the same during your periods, so why should your exercise change? We all experience low energy levels during periods. But exercise can actually provide relief from cramps, improve your mood and can also regularise your periods. Here are some workouts that you can try during your periods:

* Don't go in for cardio or heavy-weight training. Do light exercises instead.

* Yoga and deep breathing increase blood flow and relieve pain.

* Forward bend is a good pose. Apart from this, try hip opener, child's pose, seated spinal twist pose.

* Try abdominal and pelvic stretches.

* Light jogging will help you sweat and reduce the bloating that's associated with cramps. Go for a slow jog in the park or on a treadmill.

* A moderate cardio workout will improve blood circulation, amp up your mood and help balance your hormones.

* Lifting light weights increases blood flow to the muscles and helps alleviate pain.

* Swimming is a low-impact exercise that releases endorphins and soothes tense muscles.

So be active, have a lot of fluids and meditate, but get away from the myth that you cannot workout during periods.