#WorldIdliDay: Know about the popular accompaniments for Idli

#WorldIdliDay: Know about the popular accompaniments for Idli

The varieties of idli are famous. Idli would not be completed without the side dish. There are several kinds of side dishes are available around the idli eating geography. We are presenting some of the main combinations of idli.


Chutney is an integral part of Indian food. It is one of the famous south Indian side dishes and non-South Indian people learn the word 'dosa-chutney' at the first interaction with the region. Chutney with idli is also popular combination. You will get different varieties of chutney. Coconut chutney is pervasive all around but chutney with other ingredients are also available. Onion, tomato, peanut, curry leaves etc are famous chutney tastes. 

These are some of the chutney recipes:


Red Chutney


Green Chutney


Coconut chutney



The most famous South Indian side dish is Sambar or Sambhar. This is basically a vegetable stew prepared using multiple vegetables. The sambar is very famous with idli. People would dip the idli into the plate with sambar before eating it. Some may use it as touchings. There are different styles of Sambar. 

Here are three recipes for the Sambar: 

Karnataka style


Chennai style


Kerala style



Rasam is South Indian soup prepared from tamarind pulp with tomato, chilli, pepper and others. Rasam is also used with idli in many parts of South India. Here is the recipe for

Here is the recipe for Rasam:


Podi/Chutney Powder or Gun Powder

Podi is often accompanied with idli, it is a ombination of various spices, lentils and chillies. Idli podi is served with sesame oil or ghee with small bits of garlic.



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