Indian man charged with molesting 20-year-old family friend

Indian man charged with molesting 20-year-old family friend

Rajender Kumar Patel of Melrose Park near here has been arrested and charged with one count of criminal sexual abuse for molesting the 20-year-old woman, also an Indian, on Valentine's day this year.

Patel has admitted to the molestation and provided a six-page detailed account of what he did to the victim. His bond was set at USD 25,000 today.

According to Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, Patel called the woman to his house on February 14 and told her that he had prepared a Valentine's Day dinner for her.

He gave her flowers and balloons which the woman took to believe stemmed from their bond that "she saw as parental".

Patel offered the woman a bed to sleep in at his home as she felt tired from working all day, the woman told the police.

But she later woke up to find Patel molesting her under her clothing and fled the house.
The woman did not contact the police until March 30, as she was "torn about notifying authorities because of the cultural implications tied to someone touching her in a sexual way," police said.

She was also hesitant because of the "paternal relationship" Patel had with her.
Investigators were able to work with her to convince her of the need to press charges.
The woman said she was a friend of one of his children and "trusted him because of that bond," Dart said.