5 hacks make-up artists swear by

5 hacks make-up artists swear by

5 hacks make-up artists swear by

Make-up has seen a tectonic upheaval in the last decade or so. With the right global exposure, people have started investing in lifestyle products much more than before, out of which personal look and grooming have taken the centrestage. Just like a painter perceives his colour palette to create a masterpiece, you need to understand the colour codes that complement your hair, eyes and skin tone.

Your hand is the best make-up tool. Ditch all the brushes and tools if you must, and create an airbrush effect with hands and apply eyeshadow with fingers for a magnificent look.

Make-up starts with a minimum use of products and the add-ons follow later. 'Less is more' should be your motto. Use techniques that will keep the make-up natural and your skin glowing. Invest in good skincare products, rather than spending on expensive make-up. If you have a good skin, you won't need a lot of make-up. If you can create a beautiful canvas or a flawless base then your work is done.

1. Add face oil or a moisturiser to your foundation

This creates a flawless look and gives a luminous finish to your skin. Mixing your foundation with face oils or a moisturiser will give a natural finish and the foundation will not look cakey throughout the day. The foundation can also be easily blended and will not settle in your fine lines. Face oils such as argan oil contain natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and hydrators that will change the texture of your foundation and sheer it out, resulting in a more natural, dewy finish.

2. Use translucent powder between coats of lipstick & mascara

A thin layer of translucent powder or foundation between coats of lipstick will make it last all day. Apply translucent powder in between coats of mascara to make your lashes fluffy. Loose powder can amp up the volume of your lashes as well. Using translucent powder between the coats of your lipstick can also help you transform a shiny lip colour to a matte one.

3. Cover under-eye dark circles

To cover the under-eye dark circles, apply a layer of orange or red lipstick on them and then use a concealer on top. To cover the discolouration, blend it properly. Colours like red or orange neutralise the darkness and lighten the dark circles. Opt for a light-weight concealer that doesn't completely cover the dark circle, but tones it down while giving it a natural tone. Using a combination of peach correction colour and concealer can also do wonders.

4. Use powder eyeshadow to make your kohl smudge proof

Adding a layer of powder eyeshadow on top of your kohl or kajal will make it smudge proof. Powder eyeshadow will prevent the kohl from becoming runny. Pick up a shade similar to the shade of your kohl. Take a flat brush and apply the eyeshadow on your inner lids after applying the kohl.

Applying some loose powder on the corners of the eye will prevent them from getting oily and keep your kohl intact, no matter how humid the day is.

5. Apply face oil before concealer

If you have fine lines under your eyes, apply a thin layer of face oil before applying the concealer. The oil will help the concealer to blend into the skin and smoothen the under eye area. This will not make your concealer cakey. Apply a drop or two of face oil to your pointer and middle finger and lightly make quick taps from your outer to the inner under-eye corner. Use argan oil, as it is non-greasy and contains omega-3 fatty acids that will nourish your sensitive skin.

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