Bedtime checklists can help you sleep

Bedtime checklists can help you sleep

Bedtime checklists can help you sleep

Do you have trouble falling asleep? In the time of stress, deadlines, and workload, sleep goes for a toss. Insufficient sleep affects several of us, causing irritability, frustration, decreased energy and lack of focus.

The reason why we can't get a peaceful shut-eye is that we fret and worry about the things to be achieved and managed the following day. These unwelcome thoughts produce a lot of stress and anxiety. We feel defeated and start panicking during bedtime.

According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, participants who took five minutes to write out a to-do list before bed fell asleep more quickly than others who didn't.

The mechanism behind the practice is that it eases the stress, tension, anxiety, and apprehensions about the next day. Putting down your thoughts on a piece of paper and making a list has a greater impact than simply mulling over things.

This practice also improves decision-making and planning. As a result, the brain is organised, effective and productive the next day. To get started, add just six items to the list, prioritising the most important task. When you feel you can manage, start adding more items to the list.

When we have a lot to worry, the brain cannot shut down as it has a lot to process. Writing can make you feel in control and lessen the distress and relax.

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