A cute, furry tale

A cute, furry tale

Rating: **1/2

Film: Peter Rabbit

Language: English (U)

Director: Will Gluck

Cast: James Corden, Rose Byrne, Margot Robbie, Sia, Domhnall gleeson, Sam Niel

A Fast hop to 2018, director Will Gluck adds another chapter to Peter Rabbit's story after Beatrix potter has inked an end.

The borrow dwelling furry one's mother is dead and father has been long eaten as a pie, to fill in the parental love, next-door neighbour Bea (Rose byrne) comes along to paint a rosy picture of the wild and a terrible one for her painting hobby.

The motherly figure protects the bunnies- Peter, Cousin Benjamin, Flopsy, Mopsy and tomboy cotton tail- and the wildlife from the Old Mr. Mcgregor.

Mr Mcgregor's death whilst chasing Peter invites his Lonely, control freak, cleanliness obsessed nephew, Jimmy, to inherit his coveted vegetable garden with yummy carrots and a house, which in words of a character is like the 3D version of a book.

The budding relationship between Bea and Jimmy, who wants to sell the property to open a toy shop, is looked upon differently by Peter, who is not in good terms with the new human. The story revolves just round this and the chasing and fighting between them.

A few characters from Beatrix potter's books make a short guest- appearance which is a delight for the book lovers. The new additions like the singing birds whose dance formation is always disturbed is fun to watch.

The film doesn't capture the naive beauty of Beatrix's characters, the child like innocence yet mature in thought.

The animation is like the one which we find in contemporary movies belonging to the same genre.

The story touches upon things like allergy, effects of unhealthy food, on-screen death, OCD which is a new thing for a children's movie. Rabbit tobacco, the one which Mrs Rabbit used to sell, didn't get a highlight.

The film does a fine balance with physical comedy and one-liners, those accompanying little ones won't get bored.

The cartoon sequence showing peter's history is neat and reminds us of the old days.

It's a predictable story, no innovation on that.

Overall it's the start of an exam break for kids and an reminiscing-the-old days for adults sort of a movie.


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