'Misuse of funds will be accounted'

'Misuse of funds will be accounted'

'Misuse of funds will be accounted'

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Nagraj said his priority would be to ensure that all misappropriation that has allegedly taken place in the past three and half years are accounted for. Excerpts from the interview:

Do you believe that the BBMP, under the newly-elected set of corporators, is bankrupt?
Absolutely. The ruling party is faced with the Palike which has no money in its coffers to carry out development projects. The three and half years of administrator’s rule has run the Palike into the ground.

There is a deficit of more than Rs 1,000 crore, even if we consider the revenue generated from property tax collection and other avenues to offset portions of the liabilities.

Are you proposing an investigation into the matter?

We are pleased with and fully support the Mayor’s decision to conduct an inquiry into the misappropriation of funds, which has taken place in the absence of the Council.

Apart from the officials who are obviously at fault, it is to be seen whether the Mayor will initiate any action against the State government which also seems to be a partner to this. We will appeal to the Centre to conduct a CBI inquiry into the misappropriation of the JnNURM funds.

What would be your agenda as a responsible Opposition in the Council?

We will support the ruling party and the Mayor at every step towards a developed Bangalore. But at the same time, we warn the ruling party that there will be no mercy shown if any project undertaken by them goes against the citizens.

What is your opinion on bringing bodies like the BDA, BWSSB  and other civic agencies under a single umbrella.

It would serve better to have all the functions under a single umbrella so as to ensure that peoples’ woes are addressed efficiently.

There have been instances when ever civic agency has taken liberty in digging up roads ever so often without proper coordination. Such things will be put to an end if all the civic bodies are brought under the same umbrella.