Keep your pets cool in summer

Keep your pets cool in summer

Keep your pets cool in summer

The rising temperature is not just a concern for citizens but also for their four-legged friends. With the heat kicking in intensely, extra care for one's furry friends is a requisite.

Sreeja S, a communications professional, who is a pet parent to Charlie and Cairo, says that she refills the water bowls three to four times every day as it is important to keep the dogs hydrated. "Since they don't sweat much and pant a lot, I give them cool water and buttermilk to stay cool. I also give them a slice of watermelon which keeps them cool," she says.

"I walk and feed them before sunrise and after sunset. We avoid tarred roads during the day as they can be unbearable for their paws," adds Sreeja. She wets a cloth and places them near her pets' jaws and throats. "I also leave the fan on most of the time," she says

Medicated baths are regular during the summer. "I buy the solutions available at the pet store but one can also try herbal ones like neem oil or apple vinegar," she adds.

Greshma Dhanarajan, a fashion designer, makes sure that her labrador-cross Diva has cool corners in the house to rest at. "Pets can easily get heat strokes and this is scary. It is important to increase their water intake. I also love taking her to pet resorts closeby as she loves playing in water. One can also try inflatable water pools," she says.

Greshma makes sure Diva gets her share of green leafy vegetables with boiled chicken. "This keeps dogs stay cool. I also let her have an occasional ice-cream. Apple juice is another favourite," Greshma says.

Michele Pereira, who owns three cats, Dobby, Blue and Foo Foo, keeps looking for tips to help them beat the heat. "Cats are cleaner animals thus giving them refills of clean water is a must. I add ice cubes to the water. To avoid heat strokes, I get their hair trimmed. I also leave wet towels as shades so that the cats can sleep peacefully in a warm corner," she says.

Michele gives more wet food to the cats during summer as this adds on to the water intake. She adds, "It is important to make sure that your feline friends are healthy. If they are avoiding food and water or panting for more than 10 minutes, it is time for a visit to the veterinary doctor."

Hiran Gooty, a training consultant with a bank, makes sure that her punch face long-haired Persian cat, Root, has enough place to lie down on the floor. "Root likes the window open and likes stretching out around the washing machine or the kitchen floor. She uses the bedding only in the cooler hours of the night," says Hiran.

Root prefers dry food during summers. "We give her more dry food than wet food during this season as it is light and digests better," she says. Hiran gets Root's hair trimmed as it helps in maintaining her body temperature. "We give her a bath twice a week during the heat compared to once a week when its cooler. A deodorant with menthol is used, which helps in the cooling process. We also clean her eyes twice a day because of increased secretion now," she adds.

Things to remember

Hydrate your pet well. Leave them cool bowls of water regularly.

Spray a little water on the rug or sheet your pets lie on.

Keep them tick and flea-free.


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