Why Modi has gone mute on campaigning, wonder twitterati

Why Modi has gone mute on campaigning, wonder twitterati

 It was in February that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the BJP's star campaigner, was last seen in the state. His prolonged absence has become a talking point among netizens on Twitter.

While Modi's supporters are clamouring for his return to Karnataka, his detractors claim that the prime minister is keeping away, because the BJP would face defeat in the polls.

Modi's absence has become conspicuous - his last public rally was in Davangere on February 27, where he came up with the 'Seedha Rupaiya' jibe against Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

Since then, Congress president Rahul Gandhi visited Karnataka thrice, concluding his Janaashirvada Yatra in Bengaluru last week.

Missing in action

"BJP will never win Karnataka. Do you think Yeddyurappa is better than Siddaramaiah? Knowing the outcome Modi is avoiding campaign in Karnataka," tweeted Tarun (@tarunited101).

Swati Joshi (@SWATI_V_JOSHI) was more direct: "Is Narendra Modi scared to go to Karnataka to campaign for BJP? Or his internal intelligence wing have advised him to stay away as a defeat in Karnataka is certain..."

Some netizens are worried that Modi was missing from Karnataka's political hot spot.

"Mr Modi has still not got down to business and not visiting Karnataka which is a worrying factor," wrote Natesh Shekarnshe (@nshekar23). "Maybe is not approving the leadership of Mr Yeddy and does not like him to be projected as the next chief minister of Karnataka (sic)."

While Santhosh Iyengar (@santhoshmagadi) wrote, "When are you starting the campaign in Karnataka for us Modiji."

Another Twitter user Ajay Verma (@ajayverma2170) wrote people of Karnataka were counting on BJP's victory. "It will be a huge morale booster for BJP karyakartas if you personally campaigned in the state."

Modi visited the poll-bound Karnataka on October 29, when he visited Dharmasthala and attended a function at the Palace Grounds in Bengaluru and inaugurated the 110-km Bidar-Kalaburagi railway line.

He was here on February 4 to address the Nava Karnataka Nirmana Parivarthan Yatra in Bengaluru, followed by a rally in Mysuru on February 19 and then in Davangere on February 27.

"Looks like BJP has given up Karnataka without a fight! Both opinion polls and Modi are missing," wrote Jay Ambadi (@jay_ambadi).

Usha (@UshaShines) had a 'gentle reminder' for Modi: "As usual you are expected to be in election campaign."


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