Writing slogans is his hobby

Writing slogans is his hobby

A Central Coalfields Limited employee is a man with a mission and his goal is clear: to minimise the mishaps in coal fields. He spends a lot of time brooding over attractive slogans to drive home the point to the miners, who take risks in coal fields.

 For more than a decade, Srinarayan Tiwari has been coining slogans on safety in collieries. During his spare time, he will look for secluded places and spend a lot of time on converting his thoughts into inspiring and attractive slogans. Tiwari has hundreds of slogans on safety and  many of them are being extensively used in colliery areas of Coal India Limited (CIL).

 “I am only contributing my level best. I know there can be no accident-free society. Also, I know that slogan is a very effective tool to drive home the point,” he points out.

Tiwari has several slogans published in Khanan Bharti, a house journal of CIL; Angar of IICM (Kanke), Vasundhar, a house journal of Northern Coalfields Limited (Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh) and Central Coalfields Limited News.

Proudly displaying slogans published in various magazines and house journals and a memento given  in recognition of his creative feat few years back by the CIL, Srinarayan Tiwari says: “I never knew that I have a poet in me but I have resolved to keep writing slogans till I die.”

Tiwari's tryst with slogan writing started about 11 years back after he lost his two colleagues in an accident in Dakara North Karnpura area, a project of CCL.

“The accident site was simply heart-rending. The bereaved families accepted the accident as the will of the God. I was not ready to accept it and I decided to write slogans to create awareness on the mine safety,” he recalls.

Ask him whether his efforts have brought down the number of accidents, he only says that all safety norms should be followed at work.

Attached with Ashoka Project Piparwar area as foreman, Srinarayan Tiwari is a well-known name in the CCL.

Tiwari, who resides in Dhamdhamiya village, about 75 km from Ranchi, is worried about increasing environmental pollution. He has written slogans on pollution also.