Golden comeback by Kavya; Sudha sets National mark

Golden comeback by Kavya; Sudha sets National mark

Golden comeback by Kavya; Sudha sets National mark

Kavya was among the clutch of athletes who had switched allegiance to other states for better incentives.

But the Karnataka government’s promise of more had lured a few back, Kavya being one of them.

On Monday, the National champion prevailed in a three-way contest with Mallika Mondal of Bengal and another Karnataka jumper, KC Chandana. All the three cleared 1.70 metres but Kavya took the gold on a countback while Mallika and Chandana shared the silver medal.

The day also witnessed the first National record of the meet.
Sudha Singh of Uttar Pradesh claimed the honours, winning the women’s 3000M steeplechase in 10:15.91. The old record of 10:18.76 was also set by Sudha, three years back at Jamshedpur.

In the men’s 3000M steeplechase, Tamil Nadu’s R Ramachandran set a new meet record of 8:44.33 to clinch gold, more than a second ahead of Pritam Bind of ONGC.
Results: Men: 110M hurdles: Sandeep Parmar (Maharashtra) 14.34 seconds, 1; T Siddhant (Maharashtra) 14.41, 2; Amandeep Singh (Punjab) 14.61, 3.
Discus throw: Simranjit Singh (BSF) 52.97 metres, 1; Vikas Poonia (AFI) 51.83, 2; Amritpal Singh (Jharkhand) 51.09, 3.

3000M steeplechase: R Ramachandran (TN) 8:44.33 (New Meet Record. Old: 8:51.77, Arun D’Souza) 1; Pritam Bind (ONGC) 8:45.44, 2; Elam Singh (Uttarakhand) 8:45.84, 3.

20000M walk: Gurmit Singh (Jharkhand) 1::31:18.46, 1; Gurpreet Singh (Army) 1::33:47.10, 2; Ashok Kumar Patel (Chhattisgarh) 1::34:25.27, 3.
4x100M relay: Army 41.71 seconds, 1; Punjab 42.17, 2; Andhra Pradesh 42.65, 3.
Women: 100M hurdles: Anuradha Biswal (Orissa) 14.28 seconds, 1; Anchu Mamachan (Jharkhand) 14.35, 2; Tripti Das (Bengal) 16.83, 3.
3000M steeplechase: Sudha Singh (UP) 10:15.91 (National record. Old: 10:18.76, Sudha Singh, Jamshedpur, 2007), 1; Kiran Tiwari (MP) 10:22.93, 2; Priyanka Patel (UP) 10:23.04, 3.

High jump: Kavya Muthanna (Karnataka) 1.70 metres, 1; Mallika Mondal (Bengal) 1.70, 2; KC Chandana (Karnataka) 1.70, 2. Javelin throw: Suman Devi (UP) 46.48 metres, 1; Tuleshwari Devi (Rajasthan) 44.84, 2; Rupinder Kaur (Punjab) 44.64, 3.
4x100M relay: Andhra Pradesh 47.33 seconds, 1; Orissa 47.75, 2; Bengal 48.70, 3.