DDPI office in slumber, teachers yet to get salaries

DDPI office in slumber, teachers yet to get salaries

Educational institutions deprived of basic amenities

Addressing the media at the town’s Patrakarthara Bhavan on Wednesday, he said, “The teachers have still not been paid the salary for March and April. There is administrative indifference in the DDPI office.”

The private institutions are working without aid from 1987. The applications they have submitted for grants has been lying in the DDPI office. Neither the teachers nor the institutions are getting any facilities, Puttasiddashetty charged.
The teachers throughout the State are not getting their salaries on time. The main reason is the neglect shown at the DDPI and BEO offices. The BEO office should submit its annual report to the DDPI office on time. The deputy director in turn has to forward it to the Zilla Panchayat office. But this information is not reaching the ZP on time every year. This is the main reason for the delay in teachers getting salary, he said.

Attack criticised
Assistant teachers H K Manjunath and Mallanagowda had provoked several teachers to attack him  at the District Cooperative Association manager’s office in Bangalore on April 24.

A complaint had been filed in this regard at the Cubbon Park police station in Bangalore. But the accused have so far not been arrested, alleged Puttasiddashetty.
A petition had been filed in the court asking it to direct the non-members not to use the association’s name and logo. The court had given a stay order. There is going to be a enquiry in the District Cooperative Association manager’s office, he said.
Head Masters’ Association District unit president Narasimahiah, High School Assistant Teachers Association district unit president K Gopal Reddy and general secretary K M Ramesh were present.
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