Something special for moms

Something special for moms

Something special for moms

Narnia and Hamayanie with their mother.

While there is no dearth of ‘special’ celebrations through the year that involve a lot of gifting and outings, there is something uniquely sentimental about Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

While the former generates a lot of activity and pre-planning, the latter tends to get a bit lost in the shuffle. “As far as hype and sentiment go, Mother’s Day definitely trumps Father’s Day mainly because dads maybe considered the heads of the home but mothers are definitely the heart — the nurturers and caregivers.”

“Moms just want us to remember their special day and are usually delighted with even a token of affection from handmade cards to flowers, hugs, kisses, or a day off from chores,” say thoughtful young people in the City who take time out to plan something special for their parents.

Danielle and her closest three friends treated their moms to lunch on Mother’s Day turning it into a memorable mother-daughter afternoon. “It was the first time all our mothers met and Anjali’s mom came down from Mangalore to surprise her, which was great. Every year, we plan something special for our moms.”

“My sister and I ordered purple orchids, her favourite flower and she thought the bouquet was delivered to our home by mistake!” laughs Danielle adding “Father’s Day for some reason is not such a big deal. It doesn’t have the cache of Mother’s Day. Even the card companies don’t make such a big deal out of it and as far as gifts go, Dads usually get ties or socks if they are lucky!”

Rohit Nandan and his sister pull out all the stops on Mother’s Day with a lot of thought and pre-planning.

“We buy her a pretty sari, wish her at midnight and cut a special Mother’s Day cake, take her out for breakfast and make literally make her ‘Queen for a Day’. Father’s Day takes us unawares every year but we do a last minute save, take him out for dinner and convince him we planned it all along,” he says.

Deepak Reddy dedicates an entire day to celebrate both Mothers and Father’s Day and says, “I guess these close knit family celebrations come from being an only child. We start with breakfast at a nice restaurant, followed by a couple of movies and big slap up dinner. On Father’s Day, there is a minor change in the programme. After we drop mom off, my dad and I go off for a drink together. It’s a nice time to bond.”

Young siblings Narnia and Hamayanie make beautiful cards filled with thank you messages for their mom on Mother’s Day.

“We also do extra chores that we otherwise neglect, keep our rooms neat and give her lots of hugs and kisses

for all the stuff she does for us,” they say enthusiastically.

“We definitely make a big deal out of both Mother’s and Father’s Day,” say  Tamara and Tahlia Coutinho.

“We treat them to breakfast in bed, book a spa or massage session and  make them special cards as keep-sakes.” Young people say that parents really appreciate the sentiment behind the smallest gesture that comes with remembering Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, “All one needs is not a big budget but imagination and creativity to make your parents happy. And yes, another essential for a memorable celebration is thinking from the heart.”

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