Meet on critical care medicine

A conference on critical care medicine, its relevance and importance in contemporary medicine was organised by Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences.

 Critical care medicine deals with the life support of various above systems to sustain life during the critical period of illness till the body immunity, defence rejuvenates to sustain normal existence.

The critically ill patients are to be nursed in a highly resource intensive units like intensive care or critical care units (ICU).

The physicians are required to have special training after their basic residency training like MD or MS in Anaesthesiology or General Surgery or Pulmonary Medicine.

The conference dealt with mechanical ventilation, optimising non-invasive ventilation, pediatric intensive care, acute kidney injury, delirium of critically ill patients, optimal nutritional support and anti-coagulation therapy among other aspects.

The doctors felt that with the affluence and modernisation life threatening diseases and multiple injuries to multiple organs (poly trauma) of human body is very much prevalent. These diseases can affect more than one system for example, cardiovascular or respiratory or nervous system or renal system which need life support measures, the experts opined.

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