'Mangalore can fare better in cleanliness index'

'Mangalore can fare better in cleanliness index'

Port city bags 8th place in India; Blore, Udupi get 12th and 43rd ranks

  Out of the total 423 cities including 24 from Karnataka where the survey was conducted, Mysore has bagged the 2nd place while Bangalore has been pushed to 12th place. The other cities which find a place within 50 include Mandya (15), Bidar (22) and Udupi (43).

Mangalore City Corporation (MCC) Commissioner Dr K N Vijayprakash said that though he is happy that Mangalore received the 8th place in the nation, there is a long way to go. But he is optimistic in getting a better place in the coming years as several plans are in the offing.

“A global tender will be soon called to manage solid waste management. The final draft proposal has been sent to the government which is perhaps unique to State which includes door-to-door campaigning, mechanical sweeping and beach cleaning,” he said and added that the project, when implemented, will be a model. “The new package to be implemented in Mangalore, will give fillip to solid waste management,” he said.

Ward contests

MLA Yogish Bhat opined that Mangalore has the potential to be one of the top 3 clean cities in India. Stating that he had sought special health package for Mangalore in the budget, he said that there is a need to organise competition between the wards and the winner ward should be given special grants. “Once the ongoing works are completed including concretisation and drainage works, the City will be more clean,” he opined.

Need for campaign

Jana Shikshana Trust Director Sheena Shetty said that Mangalore could have received a higher rank if at all the district administration had launched a campaign for cleanliness. Apna Desh had launched a campaign and the entire district except Bantwal and City Corporation limits, was covered. “It has to be a collective effort,” he said and added that there is a way, if there is a will.

15 days time

Expressing her happiness for bagging the 8th place, Mayor Rajani Dugganna said that Mangalore will get a higher place next time when the door-to-door garbage collection scheme is implemented. “Maximum waste is generated from markets and roadside vegetable vendors,” she said and added that 15 days time has been given to set right the anomalies to all the persons concerned.

Citizens active

On the other hand, KCCI former president Giridhar Prabhu said that most of the citizens are ready to do many things, provided the authorities concerned take initiative. “I have seen many people walk a long distance just to throw garbage,” he points out and argues that traditionally, Mangaloreans give priority for cleanliness and hygiene.

Hats off!

Sacred Hearts College (Madanthyar) Principal Dr Robert Jose said that the City bagging 8th place in India has simply boosted the self image of the City Corporation for its efforts to maintain sanitation and hygiene. “At the same time, the reward raises eyebrow and creates scepticism because of the civic problems that are quite visible to any visitor to the city.” The list is unending: Improper drainage system; garbage outside the residential flats; unhygienic conditions of the slums; comport rooms at important traffic junctions; unscientific disposal of medical and cyber garbage blah… blah… blah.

Good living, not scores

Pramod D’Souza, a software engineer, while complimenting the MCC and the citizens of Mangalore, said that the rankings are decided on the scores by cities on a set of parameters. “They are just statistical and relative information and I feel we should not get carried away by the rank.”

“What we should really look at is the score. From an absolute score point of view, it does not look great at 57.34 points out of 100 while the best city, Chandigarh, has scored 73.48 points. What the citizens want is a good living and I feel it is high time our urban bodies act. Lets hope in next few years our mayor, corporators and all civil servants work towards increasing this score and help everyone with good experience of living in Mangalore.”

In a lighter vein, an official who did not want to be quoted said: “If Mangalore could get 8th place in India, I wonder, how is the situation in other cities?”