Docs remove 20 kg tumour

Patient Shabena Begum, a native of Hassan, had developed the cyst five months ago. This eventually led to swelling of her abdomen.
Shabena’s sister suggested her to come to Bangalore for a check up. She was admitted to Victoria Hospital on May 28. By then, her discomfort had become acute. She was unable to do daily household chores.
Shabena began to show signs of respiratory problems. Gradually she began to lose appetite and grew weak. The doctors suggested surgery.
The operation to remove the cyst lasted about one and half hours. It was conducted by a team comprising surgeon Dr Ramesh Tambat, Associate Professor of Gynaecology Dr Satish Kagwad and anaesthetist Dr Dayanand under the supervision of Medical Superintendent Dr B G Tilak.
Along with the Retroperitoneal Cyst, Pan Hysterectomy was performed, as it showed incidental fibroid. Gall bladder was also extracted as kidney stones were found, explained the doctors.
The cyst will now be sent to the pathology lab for biopsy test and the results will be known in a week's time, said Dr Ramesh.  
If BPL card is produced the patient will not be charged, said Dr B G Tilak, Victoria Hospital Medical Superintendent.

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