Turuvekere girl makes district proud

Turuvekere girl makes district proud

Turuvekere girl makes district proud

C M Divyashree.

Divyashree, who comes from a poor family in Naduvalakote, is not just the top scorer of the district, but is the third highest scorer in the State.

Staying in a small, congested house, with no electricity, Divyashree has managed to score a perfect 100 in Computer Science!

Divya’s father, Mohan Kumar, runs a small shop at Hulihalli near Honnavalli, and her mother, Latha, is a housewife. Divya grew up at her grandfather ’s house in the town. Even her grandfather, Adinarayana Shetty, is not affluent and runs a small shop, and Divya has grown up in poverty.

Despite these odds, Divya has scored 95 in Kannada, 94 in English, 98 in Physics, 95 in Mathematics and 94 in Chemistry. “I did not go for any tuitions. It is sufficient to just pay attention in class,” says this girl, who adds that she just studied for an hour everyday and for two hours during exams.

Divya says Sir M Visvesvaraiah is her role model and aspires to pursue aeronautical engineering. She is also fascinated about animation.

However, her parents are not financially capable of affording her dreams and are seeking monetary help. Those who want to help this family can call 93413-62414 or 08134-320466.