Still can't believe it, says Hussey

Still can't believe it, says Hussey

Australian skipper Clarke asserts he always thought they had a chance

At 62 for four chasing 192 for victory, Michael Clarke’s men had no more than an outside chance, or so one thought. Australia, however, showed that with them, it’s never over until it’s over. Hussey hammered 60 off 24 balls as Australia knocked off 70 from the last five overs to romp home.

The left-hander was obviously was elated with his knock. “I still can’t believe it,” said Hussey. “Initially, it is too tight for me to smack the ball out of the park. I need a few balls to get my eye in and what I was trying to do was to give the strike to (Cameron) White and then towards the end have to try and thankfully it was my day. I am happy everything came off the middle, there have been plenty of days when it hasn’t gone my way,” remarked Hussey.

Hussey termed this innings as one of the best he has played across all formats.
“The best feeling I had as a cricketer was when I hit the wining runs in that Adelaide Test. This is definitely right up there, if not better. It’s the best feeling to hit the winning runs, particularly in a key game like in the semis or finals,” he noted.

Needing just one off the last two balls, the southpaw hit the fifth ball for a mighty six to seal the win. “I don’t know what I was saying to myself,” he said when asked what was he thinking of at that stage. “I was too blurred, to be honest... I was saying please hit the last ball from the middle, I just wanted to feel what it feels like and I felt that and it was absolutely amazing. I was so happy to see the elation on the faces of all other team-mates.”

It was an unbelievable victory but Clarke said he always thought they were in with a chance. “I could believe it because of the guy near me,” said the skipper, referring to Hussey. “I think Mikey and Whitey had an amazing day tonight and won us the game. Walking off the field, I honestly thought Pakistan got 15-20 runs more than I would have liked and then losing three wickets in the first six overs was always going to be hard for us chasing.

“But with the strength we have in batting, how far we go... you just can’t write us off. That’s what today has shown, you can’t write us off. We have got talent and we have class in the team,” he gushed.