Fated to miss the mark

Fated to miss the mark

Govind H Rathi

One, single, lonely mark has made the difference in Govind H Rathi’s life so far. None yearns for it more than the student of Basaveshwar Commerce College.

It all began when Govind was a Class V student of Basaveshwar English Medium school, Bagalkot. He was highly optimistic of topping the result list.

“I was shocked to see my name in the second place. I had missed the first place by just one mark,” Govind told Deccan Herald.

The holy grail of the top position continued to evade Govind in the years that followed. After the fourth unit test results were out in Class VI, he was second again, missing the first place by one mark.

The two heartbreaks made him give off his best in the annual exams. But fate had some cruel irony in store. Govind ended up in second slot and the difference of marks between the first and second positions was, you guessed it, just one!

“I moved to high school. Every time I wrote exams, the result would be the same. I would miss the top position by one mark. I began wondering if the hex of a single mark would haunt me forever,” Govind said.

Events only confirmed his worst fears. When in Class IX, he participated in an inter-school quiz competition. He headed a team of three students representing his school. His team failed to bag the first prize by one mark.

His success in topping an essay competition at the college, district and division levels gave him hope that providence was at last, turning. He entered the State-level competition. The derisive laughter of fate rang in his ears he came second, missing the prize by one mark.

A few days later, there was a business quiz in his college. Again, it was the second position, with the difference being one mark.

Stoically, Govind bore it. He was hoping that the trend would change at least in the SSLC exams, but it was not to be.

“I don’t know how many times I wept, cursing God and my fate when the results were out. I had secured 574. I would have been the topper for my school, but for one, single mark.”

He joined PU, and his class performance led him to nurse hopes of somehow breaking the jinx. When the PU I results were published, Govind’s nightmare returned to haunt him yet again. he had secured 584 marks, while the highest scorer in the College had obtained 585!

“I have now decided to accept the things as they come. My friends compare me to former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, who once lost a no-confidence motion by one vote but became Prime Minister again,” Govind says ruefully.

He, by the way, is the second son of his parents.