Global IT budgets seen dipping 4.7 per cent

Global IT budgets seen dipping 4.7 per cent

According to the survey about 46 per cent of respondents said there was a decline in IT budgets for the year 2009. The average reduction was around 7.2 per cent.

The Chief Information Officer (CIOs) responding to the survey in the first quarter now report a weighted average decline of 4.7 per cent (for the year), Gartner said.

About 54 per cent of the respondents reported no change in their IT budget, while the remaining four per cent said they had increased their IT budget for the year.

Gartner surveyed about 900 CIOs in March and April this year to gauge the potential impact of macroeconomic concerns on IT budgets.

In the first quarter of 2009, CIOs had experienced significant IT budget revisions as executives gained a greater understanding and solidified plans for addressing the global financial crisis. The survey said the largest dip in IT budget was in professional services- telecommunications and technology at 10 per cent, manufacturing at 8 per cent, both utilities and financial services at 4 per cent.