It was not selective demolition: BDA

It was not selective demolition: BDA

Well get our property back

It was not selective demolition: BDA

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Srinivas, member of Engineering Department, BDA, said there is nothing like acting selectively. “Our action was based on suggestions made by our Law Department. The houses which have been spared during Saturday’s action will be demolished. We will get our property back,” said Srinivas.

The BDA officer said a mob reached there forcing the demolition squad to retreat, leaving its operation incomplete. He added that the operation has been halted following a stay from the court. He, however, asserted that the BDA will get its property back.

The demolition was carried out though the BDA had issued ‘No Objection Certificates’ (NOCs) to many property owners. The BBMP had also issued khata certificates, collected property taxes, sanctioned building plans and the banks gave loans to them.

Srinivas wanted to know how the BBMP and the banks found the papers clean. About the NOC given by the BDA, he said the NOC could be for a short period and not of a permanent nature.

But he admitted that he had not seen the NOCs given to the property owners.
The property owners suspected foul play in the demolition drive as they alleged that it was carried out selectively.

“My property is no different from my neighbour’s since both of us have got an NOC from the BDA itself. I am astonished with the selective demolition drive carried out by the BDA,” said K Narayana Raju.

His property, spread on one acre and four guntas, were bulldozed on Saturday. His land falls under survey number 1/1 and 1/2 of Geddallahalli. He had sold a portion of the land in survey number 1/2 to a doctor and six others. The BDA demolished Raju’s property but spared all the remaining six properties.

A similar thing was noticed at survey number 1/4 where some 15 houses were razed, while some 30 more houses are still standing tall.