And then, there was light...

And then, there was light...


And then, there was light...

CHIAROSCURO: The right lighting can breathe life into the furnishings and décor like nothing else.

You’ve bought the house of our dreams. You’ve furnished it in a really grand manner with the latest in furnishing fabrics and furniture. You’ve even chosen the hottest colour scheme in town for the walls. Perfect! But, you still feel something’s amiss.

The house doesn’t reflect your personality like you wanted it to. The place seems to lack glamour. If you’re still wondering want could be the reason for the drab look of the house, here it is - lighting. Yes! A house becomes a home only when it’s lit right. The furnishings and the colour schemes are all fine, but it’s the lighting that can transform the look of your house from staid to spectacular.

While big airy windows take care of the lighting needs during the day, chandeliers at the right places and lamps at the right corners can work wonders to the overall ambience of the house. Come to think of it, right lighting can set the mood and theme of the house, breathing life into the furnishings and décor like nothing else.

Appropriate lighting not only cuts the need for unnecessary lights, thereby saving the environment, but accentuates the beauty of the house too.

Horses for courses...
Just as the purpose and feel of each room of the house varies, so do their lighting needs. Each room needs lighting according to its purpose. Let’s begin with the living room, the room where you spend most of your time in, entertain guests and relax with your family.
Since it is the most important place of the house, the living room needs lighting that is a unique blend of usage, aesthetics and new technology. Decorative chandeliers, table and floor lamps are a must for a great looking living room. Be it casual, contemporary, eclectic, modern, transitional, or simply traditional, the design of the light fixtures should reflect your personality and go well with the general theme of the house.

Since the living room walls will, without doubt, be adorned with beautiful paintings and art works of your choice, the lighting should be such that it highlights the art pieces.
“Track mounted spotlights, placed above other lights, does the trick,” says Arvind Sukhani, an interior designer of repute.

When it comes to choosing light fixtures for the living room, it pays to lend the size of the room a serious thought and choose accordingly.

However, irrespective of the size of the living room, it is best to have just one chandelier adorning the ceiling as too many of them will only make the living room appear like a museum. Tastefully chosen chandeliers of the right kind and size can add a whole new dimension to the living room, lending it the much-needed touch of glamour.

Decorative lighting
Once the chandelier is in place, then it’s time decorative lighting is paid attention to. Decorative lighting, available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, finishes and materials, is another way of enhancing the beauty and character of the living room.

They are not only functional but elegant too. They should always be chosen to complement the look of the chandelier for that ‘oh-so-elegant’ look.Lights have the added advantage of adding size to rooms. For instance, if your living room is of a modest size and you want it to look bigger and brighter, then it’s advisable to go in for vertical illumination, says Sukhani.

Vertical illumination delimits spatial boundaries, making the surroundings more pleasant. While mounting light fixtures in the living room, care should be taken to ensure that light doesn’t glare on the television screen as it can hamper visual comfort.
Fortunately, there are special bulbs available in the market that facilitate television viewing without hurting the eye.

When it comes to lighting the kitchen, it has to be borne in mind that it is no longer a place you just cook your meals in. Rather, it’s a dining-cum-family room where the members of the family congregate and spend some quality time in. Therefore, the kitchen should be suitably lit to suit the mood of the family.

The main work areas of the kitchen including the stove, sink and table should be well lit. While most chimneys with light options in them take care of the lighting near the stove, it is advisable to go in for pendant lighting to light up the kitchen table. Also, appropriate lighting above and below the cabinets not only illuminates the cabinets well but lends that classy look to the kitchen.

The bedroom
Another place in the house that needs to be appropriately lit is the bedroom. When it comes to the bedroom, the rules of illumination are quite different.

An extremely private place, bedroom is where you read, relax, sleep, watch TV and do all things that unwind you. Hence, careful thought should be given to ensure that the lighting is just right to suit all your requirements.

A table lamp near the head of the cot to read, yellow lights to just stare at the ceiling, floor lamps to find your feet in the dark without disturbing the other occupants of the room, focus lights inside the closets and above the dressing table, decorative wall, table or pendant lamps for aesthetics, soft lights to lull you to sleep… The possibilities are endless. However, the bottomline is to give functionality a serious thought before deciding on light fixtures for the bedroom.All in all, a home that’s lit right lends an ambience that you can be proud of. And, when it comes to lighting, definitely less is more.

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